Benifit Roller Lash

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Way back in February, I bought the March edition Elle magazine (it was quite some time ago now, I know) to get my hands on  Benefits Roller Lash sample before it's official 1st March 2015 release. (I know, I know I'm very late to the blogging party on this product) The thing that grabbed my attention was they claimed that they applicator has little hooks on the thing that grabs hold of your lashes separating, lifting and curling. I have very short eyelashes, so to me this was very, very appealing,. Could this mascara be the perfect one for me?

I have never tried any benefit products before,  so as my first time user of a benefit product, I am very impressed! The roller last separated, lifted and lengthened my lash's brilliantly. The mascara doesn't claim to lengthen your lashes  so it must just be down to the amount of lift it gives your lashes creating the appearance of having long beautiful lashes and I'm HOOKED (no pun intended)

I'm a HUGE fan the plastic applicator as I tend to find that bristle applicators clump my lashes together and I'm not really a fan of the big clumpy lashes that look like big long spider legs. (hopefully I will find a better way of wording that...)

I generally like to apply only one coat of mascara, however occasionally if the very tips of my eyelashes haven't got much mascara on, I will just re apply the mascara to only the very ends of my eyelashes, as I like my eyelashes to look as natural as possible!

When using the Roller lash my personal preference is to use the inside most curved part of the mascara wand, getting it as close to my eye as possible then wiggle and lift to apply the mascara, and I do the same on the bottom lashes too, except moving my hand down as I wiggle the mascara wand on my bottom lashes.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara in a nutshell? It lengthens, separates, and curls, everything you want from a mascara. It doesn't weigh the lashes down, to be honest I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. Best part of all it doesn't smudge or flake off and it really does open up your eyes with the lifting and curling effect the mascara gives you. So as a Bene-phobe I am more than happy to say that this has converted me, I will definitely be looking to try out more benefit products in the future and if you're looking for a new mascara then Roller Lash is definitely worth all the hype!

Have you tried Benefit's Roller Lash?

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