Metallic Flash Tattoos Are Set To Become A Gorgeous Summer Trend

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

With summer just around the corner, a new fashion craze is on the horizon, Flash Tattoos. Flash tattoos are jewellery-inspired metallic temporary tattoos, that can make an unexpected statement on any part of the body.

If like me you were a 90's child then I'm sure you remember a similar craze from way back then. As a child I remember the craze of stick on tattoos,  illustrations that came in everything from Disney princesses to hearts and butterflies. Being a thing of the past aimed at children, I never thought temporary ink would come back into fashion in such a big way, but it has and we love them!
Before you conclude that temporary tattoos are silly and just for kids, there definitely not! The metallic jewellery-inspired designs are having a major moment and are definitely the grown up version of their old school counter parts. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Beyoncé and Katie Holmes, are jumping on the trend bandwagon!
So, how do they work? The application process is very similar to how you would press on a normal temporary tattoo. The tattoo adheres to the skin after about 30 seconds with pressure from a wet cloth. Allow 10 minutes for it to set completely, and your unique jewellery-inspired tattoo will last for 4-6 days, however they can be removed by scrubbing them off if needs be!

I think these are an amazing way to add new dimensions to your normal outfits. I personally don't have any tattoos because I never like anything long enough to want it on me permanently, and would rather embellish myself in jewellery so I think these are great!

Flash Tat's come in a vast range of metallic colours, styles and jewellery-inspired designs such as; bracelets, arm bangles, necklaces, rings, anklets ect. Flash Tattoos can be brought online from the Flashtat website (here) and they start at around £15 ($22)
Image courtesy of Flash Tattoos
Flash Tattoos are the brand responsible for  launching the metallic tattoo craze, however many high street brands have adopted the trend and are selling their own designs. So there really is something for everyone from high-end to high-street.

The shops are as follows; Topshop (here), Newlook (here), RiverIsland (here).
As well as online stores such as; Asos(here) and Amazon (here)

What do you think of the trend? Will you be wearing and Flash Tattoos this summer?

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