Miracle Hair Treament

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I've always had troublesome hair for as long as I can remember. I have naturally curly hair which annoyingly is also naturally very frizzy, dry and brittle. The only way I seem to be able to control my curly, frizzy hair is to straighten it. The only problem with that is, I have to straighten it every day and after years of heat damage my hair is full of split ends and frizzy flyway's that cannot be tamed!

Over the years I have used a wide variety of different hair products to try and help combat the breakage and stop the damage to my hair but none of them seem to make any difference and it was when having this conversation my hair dresser recommended that I try the Unique One - all in one hair treatment. She gave me one of them to look at whilst she was cutting my hair and on the box it claims to do all kinds of things to your hair.

Here's what the box says;


1. Repair for dry and damaged hair
2. Shine and frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness and smoothness
5. Hair colour protection /with UVA and UBV filters
6. Easier brushing and ironing
7. Incredible detangling
8. Long lasting hair style
9. Split end prevention
10. Adds Body"

My initial reaction was sounds too good to be true, probably claims to do it all but won't make any difference, but my hair dresser told me that she had been using it as her hair had been breaking off from too much heat styling, like mine so I decided to give it a go and purchased a 9ml sample of the product.
Unique One 9ml and 150ml

OH MY GOSH! it works after using the product a couple of times my hair felt AMAZING! so incredibly soft and silky and it had most definitely helped with the frizz and fly aways and most importantly it has made my hair so much easier to straighten before using this product it would take me perhaps 40 minutes to straighten my hair it now takes me between 5 and 10 minutes, it's seriously amazing! As an added bonus to all the incredible things this product does to your hair it smells sensational! I cannot really find the words to describe how nice it smells but it smells divine! (I only wish my blog had a scratch and sniff so you could all smell it!

The product can be used on either wet or dry hair depending on which method gives you the best results, personally I find putting it on dry hair works best for me.

I apply Unique One by spraying between 4-6 pumps of the product onto the palm of my hand, I then run the product between my hairs and apply it to my hair from the middle to the ends and I then straighten and style my hair.

This is now my holy grail product and I seriously do not know how I coped all the years without this product it really has made such a difference to my hair.

Unique One retails at £13.99 for a 150ml bottle. You can purchase Unique One from Feel Unique (here) and you can read about what the product has to offer on the Unique One website (here) The product comes in two different fragrances the original which is what I use that comes in red and gold packaging and coconut which comes in white and brown packaging

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