Remington Keratin Therapy

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

As you may know if you read my Miracle Hair Treatment I have troublesome damaged hair from all the heat I have applied to it over the years. However due to having naturally curly, frizzy hair I find it almost impossible not to straighten my hair and I have been looking for "safer" ways of straightening my hair without causing too much/any more damage(breakage and split ends).  
I have always liked Remington straighteners and over the years I have had many different models. Recently I decided to upgrade from my old Remington Pearl straighteners to the Remington Keratin Therapy Straighteners, as I already own the Remington Therapy Pro Curl curlers which I really like!

So according to the box Remington Keratin Therapy Straighteners, the features include;
  • Up to 57% more protection from damaged (compared to  a standard ceramic Remington Straightener)Keratin Protective Technology - Advanced Keratin Ceramic coating and exclusive Heat Protection Sensor
  • Integrated digital temperature display, 5 heat settings - 160°C - 230°C
  • 15 seconds head up and beeps when ready Longer length 110mm plates
  • Floating plate for even pressure during hair styling (both plates on my old Remington Perl Straighteners floated)
  • Temperature key lock function
  • Automatic safety shut off (after one hour)
  • Plate lock for storage
  • Swivel cord
  • Luxury heat resistant storage pouch
They also come with the added bonus of a five year guarantee!
So how do they perform? Personally the heat sensor takes a little time to get used to - the first time I used them I thought that the sensor was dragging on my hair (although that could just be due to the fact that I'm used to straighteners with two floating plates and these only have one) However I do feel re-assured due to the fact the heat sensor is there as I feel it is protecting me from frying my hair! The Heat Protection Sensor is supposed to detect moisture levels within your hair and optimises or reduce the temperature accordingly. Which is why they  say you hair is up to 57% more protected from breakage and damage, and I must say I have found that since using these straighteners I have found that not as much hair is breaking off/falling out when straightening my hair. (with my old straighteners I would find myself with a lap full of stray hairs that had fallen/broken off and since using the Remington Keratin Therapy straighteners I am finding less hair than before.)
As for the Keratin Ceramic coating I find after straightening my hair, my hair is a lot softer and doesn't feel dried out, leaving me with shiny soft hair when I have finished styling.

How do they compare to the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Tong? Personally I think they are both AMAZING! They both leave your hair shiny and soft! The straighteners leave your hair sleek and straight and the curling tong leaves you with beautiful bouncy curls! However the Pro Curl Tong doesn't have a Heat Protection Sensor.

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Tong's features include;
  • A 19mm curling tong barrel
  • Advanced Keratin Ceramic coated barrel
  • Integrated digital temperature display, 5 heat settings - 130°-210°C
  • Heat up in 30 seconds
  • Ready indicator – display stops flashing
  • Auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Heat resistant pouch

  • Swivel cord – 2.5M

  • and they also come with the added bonus of a five year guarantee.

    Remington Keratin Therapy straighteners retail at £89.99 and can be purchased directly from Remington (here). They can also be purchased for the same price from Boots online (here).

    Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl Tongs retail at £29.99 and can also be purchased directly from Remington (here) or for the same price from Boots online (here)

    Do you pay attention to the heat styling tools you buy, or do you used pretty much whatever you can find? 

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