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Thursday, June 11, 2015

If you're the type of person who loves watching girly room tours on YouTube or spends an eternity pinning home decors on Pintrest, then we are going to get along very well :). If you've read my previous post you will know I've spent the past month redecorating my bedroom and today I'm going to show you all the lovely thing I've bought for my re-designed bedroom. Since my preferred style is modern vintage/shabby chic style, I wanted to get soft detailed girly things, (but not too girly) so here's what I've bought.

Firstly, my first Major and most expensive item was a new bed.
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 I'm totally in love with my new bed! I absolutely adore the oversized high of the headboard and loved the elaborate buttoned detail of the headboard and the silver studs that run right down both sides of the headboard. This bed definitely has the boutique hotel feel to it!

The next couple of things are more essentials than anything else, a new mattress topper and a new duvet, so I guess you can say these are the two most boring items I purchased, but still there a must for me!

I opted to get a slumber down duvet that I purchased way before I decided to redecorate my bedroom (I know it's an autumns/winter tog duvet but I like to be warm in bed so I will be using this all year around) I purchased this in a sale back in March as I knew I would be re-decorating my bedroom soon and my current duvet is only a cheap one so I wanted something nicer. This duvet is really nice feeling as it has a high thread count and it isn't heavy!

My mattress topper I purchased from Dunelm, in their summer sale and it's currently 20% off, I opted to purchase this as it's the best one I've seen for the price again it also has a high thread count so it feel luxurious and most importantly it's super comfy to sleep on!

I purchased two of touch table lamps

I love the contrast of the silver metal on the base of the lamp with the grey shade as it matches the silver studs down the side of the headboard and obviously the grey lampshade to fit in with the grey bed. I think these were a real bargain to £15 for the pair from Argos's colour match range!

My next purchase was this heart chunky knit cushion

I purchased this cushion from Asda's George Home range for £8. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything chunky knit, so obviously I just had to have this for my bedroom!

Finally, the new bedding set, I bought this set for Dunelm in a 20% off sale.
I love the subtle grey of the set (I don't want to go grey crazy after all... although I currently seem to have an obsession, not sure why)

My room isn't completely finished as the last finishing touches are missing, such as new matching bedside tables, and a few ornaments, but I'm really pleased with the overall look of my room, and I have achieved the style I wanted!

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