May Favoruites

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This is my first ever favourites blog post, I'm not sure if I will do them regularly or not, but I like reading other blogger's favourite's so I thought I would give it ago, so here's my May Favourites!

Firstly a snippet of fashion for you
Last month I purchased this beautiful lace peplum three quarter sleeved  top from a next clearance store for the bargain price of £4 marked down from £20 I am really happy with this purchase, its super comfortable and it can be dressed up or down!

I have two skincare favourites this month, firstly the Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask - wow that's a mouth full! (excuse the torn packaging, I forgot to photograph it before using - doh!)


 This mask leaves your skin feeling so amazingly soft! The mask itself didn't heat up as much as I thought it would, when rubbing it on to your skin, you feel a slight warming of the mask but once you've finished applying it the "self-heating" part is over and done with, (probably a good thing anyway, you don't want to end up looking like a tomato after using the mask)but that said I really do love this mask, it gives your skin a really deep clean and makes your skin feel so lovely afterwards! Definitely a new favourite of mine!

My next skincare favourite also happens to be a Garnier Product.

 Garnier pure active intensive spot fighting 24hr moisturiser - yet again another mouth full! - I have recently been suffering with a lot of breakouts, so when I saw this product sitting on the shelf, I thought why not give it a go!

On the box they say "It's a new and effective moisturiser that helps protect against the appearance of spots before they appear. Moreover, it improves the skin's appearance by hydrating it and visibly reducing shine. The product is enriched with Salicylic Acid and helps to deeply purify and mattify skin to protect against spots even before they appear."

sounds good right?  well for me it is! I'm not entirely convinced 100% that it stops spots before they appear as I've still been having breakouts, however I can say that it helps take away the redness of my spots and they tend to go away quicker, maybe it's because it contains salicylic acid it helps to fight the spot making it go away quicker - I'm not sure of the science behind it but either way if you suffer from breakouts it might be worth a go! However, I wouldn't necessarily call it a moisturiser, it's more of a spot treatment/prevention cream as it doesn't really moisturise your skin. 

Lastly, a make-up favourite

Rimmel London Lasting Finish (25hr) Power - This month I decided to try a new powder and at £6.99 this is the best value drugstore powder I have found! I like my make up to look as natural as possible and this powder is perfect, it gives you an excellent coverage but the powder itself is very light-weight.  I can put this on in a morning, and not worry about having to re-apply it as the day goes on so it defiantly withstands a day's wear. The Powder also comes with a mirror and sponge, located beneath the powder, so if you're looking for something compact for your handbag then this might be perfect for you!

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