Niva Express Hydration Primer

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

 I first purchased the Nivia Express Hydration Primer back in 2013 when I saw its advert airing on TV and since them, I have used nothing else! I love it so much that I have recommended it to a lot of family and friends since I've been using it!

I use the normal/combination primer, with a blue lid. However there's also a dry/sensitive option with a pink lid, so there's something for everyone. The primer is in a 50ml glass pot, so it definitely has the sense of luxury. The primer retails at £4.99 which I think it a bargain!

As the name 'Hydration Primer' suggests the cream is a double action product, a moisturiser/primer duo. It effectively moisturises your face whilst also providing a primer - a great base for makeup!

The primer has a light creamy gel like consistency, which is cooling to the skin.  It provides the moisture you would expect from a thicker/richer moisturiser but absorbs into the skin in seconds, leaving your skin feeling moisturised all day! Enriched with vitamins and lotus extract the primer really does give the skin a refreshed feel and appearance. The primer also keeps your makeup looking pretty much flawless all day!

The primer is best applied to a freshly cleansed face, before applying makeup. You should apply the primer by gently massaging in small circles, and then you can pretty much apply your make up straight away! Be warned a little of the cream goes along way! Don't be tempted to put a lot on otherwise you will run into problems when applying your make up and you will find the primer will peel as your applying your foundation!

This duo product really is amazing! No longer is there a need to moisturise your face, wait for it to soak in, then apply your makeup, you just apply this little gem and you're good to go straight away!

Have you tried Nivia's Express Hydration Primer? What do you think?

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