The Real Truth About Face Wipes And Why They Are So Bad For Our Skin!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Until very recently I had never thought of using anything other than face wipes to remove my makeup, due to lack of skin care knowledge and they've always seemed to do the job of removing my make up right? So why bother using anything else?!

It wasn't until recently stumbling across Caroline Hirons blog, (and seriously WOW she has an amazing breadth of skincare knowledge!) that I realised that for all my makeup wearing years, I have been incorrectly removing my make up! YIKES! Yes, that's right if you are using make up removal wipes/face wipes to remove your makeup - STOP IT!

Whilst face wipes do a decent job of removing your entire make up if you're anything like me, then you too probably end up with red panda eyes after using wipes to remove your make up. This can be for a couple of reasons. Firstly, face wipes are packed full of alcohol which can cause sensitive and red skin. (My red panda eyes) Secondly, although they seem good at removing your make up, do you ever find yourself continually rubbing your eyes to get rid of your eye makeup? I know I do! The skin under your eyes is very delicate and thinner than the rest of your skin on your face, so continual rubbing of your eyes to get your make up off can create dark circles and wrinkles from the constant tugging of the skin. I have noticed that I have slightly aged wrinkled skin under my eyes and I'm only 24! So I guess it's time to invest in a good eye cream!

Face wipes are also a breeding ground for bacteria, as they sit on shop shelves for months on end with varying temperatures, which is why face wipes are packed full of alcohol and other chemicals to try and prevent the bacteria from growing, even though the alcohol and chemicals aren't good for your skin. 
Face wipes also only 'remove' the impurities from your skins surface (your make up) and they do not give your skin a deep clean. So if like me you are prone to breakouts, then any grime and bacteria on your face from the day, you end up spreading all around your face instead of removing. So it's no wonder I have always suffered from breakouts.
Caroline Hirons is always saying that you 'only get one face so you should take care of it!' Well I have fully taken this advice on board and I have officially ditched the face wipes!
So it's time I got myself a proper skincare routine!
What are your favourite skincare products? What products do you recommend I use?

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