Garnier Pure Active Intensive Charcol Scrub

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

I was recently on the hut for a new face scrub, specifically one which would help prevent me from getting pesky spots and clear away blackheads! After browsing the shelves, I decided on Gariner Pure Active Intensive Charcoal Face Scrub. The scrub claims to help fight spots, blackheads and fade marks. So it sounded like just the type of product I was looking for!

The scrub has the consistency of a thick gel where the micro-beads and charcoal particles are clearly visible. The product should be applied to wet skin (I normally like to wet my face with warm water as this opens the pores) and should be massaged gently around the face, paying special attention to the forehead, nose and chin, as these areas are highly prone to imperfections. When foamy, rinse off with water (I prefer to rinse off with luke-warm water and then cold water, because cold water closes the pores and avoids bacteria re-entering). These instructions are provided on the back of the tube.

The scrub smells very refreshing and gives off quite a manly scent. In fact, Garnier is trying to encourage more men, as well as women, to use skin care products and this scrub is also aimed at men. Skin care has always been associated with women as they tend to wear make-up. However, I believe that it's just as important for men to look after their skin as it is for women and men shouldn't be embarrassed to use products like this one in particular!

To begin with I was really enjoying using this product, my skin looked clearer and the scrub made my face feel baby soft and the only real downside for me was the manly scent of it. However after two weeks or regular use of the product, it had given me lots of very dry and sore patches on my face so if you have spot prone but sensitive skin like me, then this product isn't for you!

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