How To Style A Little White Dress

Thursday, July 23, 2015

    A white dress is such a great alternative to a LBD because you can really see the details. Remember to look for intricate fabric and embellishment as this is what will really “lift” the dress.
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Hair needs to look modern, preferably down either straight or loose beach curls
Think carefully about your footwear: closed toes can look too heavy so go for sandals or kitten heels perhaps with rope detail or with a silvery hue.
Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the eyes and lips - a strong red or a coral lipstick works well.
When it comes to length - I think midi length (just above the knee) is the most stylish length to wear.
Don’t be afraid to reveal flesh if most of the dress is quite sheer.
Keep your accessories soft and very simple. Ideally you would wear the bare minimum!
A bit of belting (black velvet, ribbon or a piece of rope) can really transform a tent-like white dress creating structure which also looks more modern.
Always look for white lace which is crisper, not yellow, which can look grubby.
 It’s also a good idea to keep away from too much lace otherwise you can end up looking a bit bridal.
How do you style your LWD?

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