MUA BonBon Blusher

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Up until around a year ago, I had always been very brand loyal to 17 (boots own brand make up like no 7 if you're not familiar) blusher in the shade damson wine, (which was a perfect dupe for Nars Douceur) I loved it, or at least I loved it until boots discontinued it in late 2014 just as I was ready to re-purchase it for the millionth time, so you can imagine how frustrating that was! I then had to start looking for an alternative blusher as I didn't really want to pay £23 for the Nars blusher (sadly, Nars Douceur was also discontinued in April 2015).  

 I hunted the high street low and high to find something similar to the damson wine blusher but couldn't find anything! So just on a whim one day when looking at the MUA stand in Superdrug I decided to pick up one of their blushers as it was only £1 and I thought if I didn't like it, it wouldn't matter as it was cheap! To my surprise, I actually really liked MUA's Bon Bon blusher, and have now been using it for around 10 months.
Bon Bon is described as warm apricot shade and from the packaging that it what it looks like. However when it is applied to the face, it has this coral pink colour that I am obsessed with!

The packaging of the product is fairly cheap however the blusher only cost one pound so you can't really expect great packaging. However it does make it harder to apply with a brush because it is a rectangle like shape and I would prefer if they made them in a circle packaging. The pigmentation of the blusher is amazing and it actually shocked me because I wasn't expecting the blush to be so good! Another reason why I love these blushers so much is that they are small and thin and therefore very travel friendly!

Have you tried any MUA blushers? What brand of blusher is your favourite?

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