Summer Fashion Staples

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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A spring-to-summer staple in my opinion is a good denim jacket, let's face it they go with practically anything and they are the perfect throw on for when the sun goes behind the clouds and it gets a bit chilly!
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The Most important summer staple is a good pair of sunglasses, that will most importantly, protect your eyes from the UV-rays!

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White jeans are also a good summer stable to throw on, on a chilly summer evening, as they can be easily dressed up
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Floral, plain, aztec or denim shorts are always in fashion in the summer, so make sure you have some in your wardrobe for the summer heat waves!

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Bright costume jewellery , such as this statement necklace add an element of fun to any outfit. mix and match bright and bold jewellery in the summer to add interest to simple outfits!

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Flat wear anywhere sandals - perfect for when your on the go, comfort and fashion combined!

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7. Maxi Dress - This summer staple flatters every figure, and therefore a must have in ever bodies wardrobe!

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Big tote bag - perfect for throwing in all your essentials for a day out in the sunshine!

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LWD (little white dress) - opposite to LBD (little black dress)

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