How I Deep Clean My Make Up Brushes

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

To deep clean my make up brushes I like to use Carex Moisture Plus hand soap. I like this soap of few reasons, firstly it smells clean and fresh and it leaves your brushes smelling lovely once they are dried. Also as it is a moisturising soap it doesn't dry out the bristles of my bush and leaves them feeling incredibly soft! Lastly, because Carex soaps kill 99.9% of bacteria, meaning that it contains anti-bacterial properties which are perfect to get rid of all the dirt and grime off your brushes!

When deep cleaning my make up brushes, I start off by wetting the brush hairs a little under the tap, being sure not to get the ferrule (the metal part in which holds the bristles and handle in place) too wet as this could damage your brushes, ending up in your brush malting or the bristles falling out! No one wants that to happen, so you've been warned!

I then put a pump of the soap onto either my hand or the brush hairs, and swirl it around in my hand to get rid of the dirt.  Depending on the type of brush and what you use it for, it may take a couple of rinses with the soap and water before it runs clear.  I should also say it is really satisfying seeing all the colourful grime that comes out of the brushes. (gross, haha!)
After cleaning with the soap, I also like to give each brush a quick towel dry, I do this my rubbing each brush in a circular motion on a flannel, I then reshape the brush and set it aside to dry. NEVER leave them standing up to dry whilst wet as the water can trickle down to the ferrule of the brush and damage the brush. (Again this can cause the brush to malt and the bristles to fall out!)

If like me you, the major part of your brush collection is made up of real technique brushes, then the travel pouch the sets come with is the perfect thing to use to stand your brushes in, whilst they dry! Use the toggle on the string to turn the pouch into a stand then place all your brushes in it, bristles facing downward to dry out. That way any water left in the bristles falls off the end of the brush rather than running down into the ferrule of the brush.

I like to wash my brushes every couple of weeks and I find for me a Sunday afternoon is the best time, as then I can leave them to dry over night so they are ready for use the next morning!

I hope you’ve picked up a few little tips from this post and are feeling inspired to get a-washing!

How do you clean your brushes?  What are your favourite brush cleaning products?

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