Maybelline Brow Satin & Brow Drama

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Since coming to the realisation that my eyebrows are sparse and light, I decided to purchase some brow cosmetics to help fill in and spurs up my brows whilst I wait patiently for them to finish re-growing. After asking friends and family for there recommendations, I decided to opt for the Maybelline Brow Satin and the Maybelline Brow Drama, both in the medium brown shade.
These two products together are amazing! The Brow Satin is a 'gel pen' one end and a 'filling powder' the other. I find that my brows look fine when I just the put the powder through them, but I tend to use the pencil end on the front of my eyebrows to draw in hair like strokes and to add definition to where the arch of my brow should be. I then like to set my brows with the Brow Drama, which is basically mascara for your eyebrows, so it makes my actual eyebrow hairs stand out, to get a more natural eyebrow look, and it defiantly works!

I usually apply both of these products with a very light hand as I don't want my eyebrows to look too dark and drawn on especially when applying the Brow Stain powder and pencil. I like adding the Drama over the top, as I feel it colours my lighter eyebrow hairs and blends everything together, making it look very natural.

Both products have amazing staying powder, there's no need to worry about having to sort them out in the middle of the day. I do my eyebrows fist thing in a morning and they last until I go to take my makeup off at night!

What do you use to fill and set your eyebrows?

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