Rimmel Clear Complection Clarifing Powder

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Don't you love Boots 3 for 2 offers? You go in for one specific thing and come out of the shop with two extra items you weren't aware you even needed? I'm sure everyone gets drawn in with boots great offers!  (Sorry bank balance!) Well, the Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder is one of them!

I've tried a lot of powders in the past, but I never tend to stick to the same one longer than 2-3 repurchases, currently my favourite is Rimmels Lasting Finish powder which I was about to re-purchase, but then I spotted this one and thought it sounded enticing! A powder that clarifies skin and minimize breakouts?! Sounds too good to be true, right?! The powder claims to  prevents breakouts  with it's Pureskin Complex, however I've noticed since using the powder,  I've had two spot appear in my eyebrow. So I cannot say I'm not 100% convinced on it's anti-breakouts front.

 I always use powders on top of my light coverage liquid foundation and I've  never used a translucent powder before. When buying a powder, I usually match it to my liquid foundation, as I feel it build's up coverage without thickly applying layers of foundation to get a good coverage. I feel that this one with it being translucent gives a very natural no make up appearance, which is fine for a day time look. However on
nights out, I would  want use a different powder that gives the appearance of a fuller coverage, but this one is a nice addition to my make up collection and one that I've been frequently reaching for during the day.

 As powder goes on translucent, there's no colour in it so it's like a one-shade-fits-all type of thing, which is a good thing because you don't have to spend ages trying to find the perfect shade to match you (or frustratingly, get it wrong and waste money).

So in a round up, The Clear Complexion Powder is perfect for every day wear because it's not heavy or cakey. It minimizes shine and with a light brush sweep, it will mattify the areas of your face which are inconveniently glossy - so that would be an oily T-Zone for me! Depending on how much you apply to your face, it can last up to 3-5 hours but sometimes I would find myself re-applying after 2. It doesn't last very long on the skin which is a little frustrating as with my usual Rimmel Lasting Finish powder I only apply it in a morning and it last's all day!

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