Ghostly Lantern String Lights DIY

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

With just over two weeks until Halloween, today I wanted to give you some DIY Halloween decoration ideas. I'm pretty sure everyone likes sting lights so; today I'm going to show you a quick and easy way of making an illuminated ghostly garland. These are perfect for hanging on your mantle!

These are super easy and super quick to make, you will need the following;

Strand of white lantern lights
2 meters of white fabric
white string
black sharpie

Firstly cut ten 14"/36cm squares from the white fabric, then fold them into a triangle and cut the tip off to create a hole in the centre of the square. Then very carefully remove the lantern from the light bulb, then thread one of the squares of fabric over the light bulb and then replace. Repeat this for all the lights.

Once you have places the fabric squares over all the lanterns, you then want to tie a piece of string around the bottom of each lantern sphere to hold the fabric in place in order to form the head of your ghost.  Once you have completed repeating this for all the lights, you then want to take your black sharpie and draw a ghostly face on each head. Then, place the lights where ever you want inside or outside of your house and turn them on! Simple as that!

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