John Lewis Christmas 2015 Advert

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm sure by now everybody has seen the John Lewis Christmas advert, and if not where have you been? Hiding under a rock!?

John Lewis always start off the Christmas hype with there amazingly touching adverts, such as last years Christmas advert, Monty the Penguin  and this year is no different with their man on the mood advert!

(brace yourselves, this bog may get deep)

If you're not familiar I will give you some in-sight into the ad;

The advert is about a young girl called Lily, who spends most of her time looking though her family telescope. One night in the run up to Christmas, she spots an old man wearing scruffy clothes and living alone in a little shed on the moon.  Lily watches the man as he goes about his chores, all alone and becomes determined to get something to the moon. She tries to contact the man in a number of different ways, by waving by firing a message into the sky via an arrow, with no joy. Then on Christmas day we see a parcel attached to some helium balloons land at the feet of the old and rather lonely man. It's a present from the girl; a telescope, which he uses to spot her back on earth.

The Advert is set to help raise awareness of the millions of elderly people who over the lead up to and the Christmas period will be alone and for the thousands of elderly people who go months without speaking to anyone. John Lewis and Age UK are partnering up this Christmas to help some of the million older people who will go for a month not speaking to anyone.

This advert really pulls at my heart strings as I have first had experience at watching widowed extended family member who's children have all gown up, left home and have their own lives and don't really bother much with their poor old dad, So I'm fully aware that it happens, but I'm glad to say that we include him as best we can and have him round regularly so he's not completely alone!

This is in no way what so ever a sponsored blog, but just a mere moral obligation to try and help spread the word! If you have family member's young or old who will be alone this Christmas reach out to them and invite them into your home, no one should be left alone and sad over the Christmas period!

I think this advert should also make us think of the homeless over Christmas, as they too are alone and lonely and although they may see people everyday as they wonder the streets they are still alone and incredibly lonely!

Just something to think about, I think most of the time we are all guilty of taking things for granted and we should appreciate what we've got and try our upmost best to help those who aren't as lucky as us always, because you never know when the tables could turn!

 If you could donate some money to either Age UK or a homeless charity in your local area after reading this, then you could be making someone's day/year/Christmas!
(I'm not providing any link to these as it's up you, if you wish or do not wish to donate,
but it would be nice if you could, I know I will be)

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