Remember, Remeber the 5th November

Thursday, November 05, 2015

So today is officially bonfire night and as I mentioned in my pervious blog, I attended an early bonfire night and fireworks display on Sunday 1st November so I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you about it today, being as though its bonfire night!

Every year in the town where I live, there is always a huge fireworks display/bonfire night at a large park on the outskirts of the city centre, and it's always fun to go to as there is the added bonus of a fair! And who doesn't love a good fair ground!?

 This year the fair was HUGE with lots of rides and food stands.  I bought some giant marshmallows on a kebab stick, which were covered in milk chocolate and sprinkles - YUM! I'm defiantly going to be making some of these at the weekend as they were so yummy! And of course no bonfire night is complete without a polystyrene cup with mushy peas in! I usually add mice sauce to mine, but they didn't have that option, much to my disappointment! however they still hit the spot!

As well as the fair and food stands Capital FM had a main stage to the left of the bonfire, they were live on the radio reporting on what was going on at the park as well as playing there usual music sets, with the added bonus of local musicians playing live on stage, which gave it that summer festival vibe. The only difference being its winter, it was a bit chilly and dark haha, but everyone was having fun none the less!

 Eventually the time came for them to light the bonfire, everyone counted down from 10...9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and then all of a sudden lots of fireworks shot out from the piled up pallets (which the bonfire was made from) and eventually set the pallets on fire, creating the bonfire... I guess that's one way of doing it although I'm not 100% entirely sure it's a very safe way to start a bonfire- so don't try that at home folks! 

Once the bonfire was lit, there was another live band on stage which played a couple of songs and then once again it was time to count down from 10 for the fireworks display to start. This year they had set all the fireworks to James Bond music and it was very effective and impressive, for example when they played gold finger, all the fireworks going off were gold and in time to the music!

The only downside to the night was, it being incredibly foggy, however the fog did lift a little as the evening progressed, but once the bonfire was lit and the fireworks were going off the sky soon became misty again! All in all though it was a fantastic evening and I enjoyed it!

 Have you got any bonfire night plans? I'd love to know what you do as tradition this time of year!

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