Mulled Apple Juice

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

As the weather in the UK has started to get cold and chilly in the lead up to Christmas there's nothing better than a hot beverage to warm you up... but why not warm up and be festive? As someone who doesn't drink alcohol I have created this perfect none alcoholic "mulled cider" using apple juice in place of cider... or if you prefer you can do exactly the same using non-alcoholic cider or cider it's entirely up to you! So there is my perfect mulled apple juice.

Apple juice
Sliced oranges
Cinnamon sticks
Honey and sugar to taste

Add all the ingredients to a pan and allow to simmer for 5- 10 minuets until all the flavours of the ingredients have infused together with the apple juice, then sweeten to your liking with honey and sugar.

When it comes to serving the hot mulled apple juice a classic mug or cup works just fine, but I like to use a apple with the top chopped off and then hollowed out as the cup and like to garnish the drink with a fresh cinnamon stick and a star anise. This is really simple to do but I think it really adds something to the drink and gives it a modern rustic look. Also once you've finished drinking your mulled apple juice you can even eat the apple cup afterwards - Heston Blumenthal, watch out ;)

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