Capturing Moments and Creating Lasting Memories

Monday, October 03, 2016

So many of us take pictures and post statuses about our day on various social media platforms, but we never seem to keep actual physical copies of our memories. I used to have thousands of photographs on my laptop and phone that just stayed there and never got printed off. I remember back in the mid to late 90's when I was a kid owning a film camera and how you were unable to see the images without printing them off and I also remember the excitement at looking through all the photographs I'd taken once I'd got them back from being developed! However as digital camera's became more mainstream and we were able to see our photographs when we plugged the camera into a computer and then as advancements were made and camera's got screens and phones started having camera's we can now see our images instantly and the "need" for people to print off their photographs is no longer an necessary requirement as people prefer to now look at digital images rather than hold the real things, which I think is such a shame!

One major downside to keeping your images in only a digital format is when technology fails you, for example when your computer breaks and wipes everything resulting in all your precious memories being lost forever or a camera memory card has corrupted and you didn't have a back up of the images that were on it. How often do you see post's on Facebook saying somebody has lost their phone, but it's not the phone they care about, it's the pictures that were on it!?

It was for all of the above that around six years ago I decided that I wanted to start a photo album, as I had hundreds of photographs on my laptop that I never did anything with. So I started looking online for a good one that I could use. It then got me thinking about photo albums, mainly the ones of my late grandparents that I used to look through as a kid. I was always asking who so and so was and what they were doing. It was then that I decided that I would start a scrapbook, that way it would allow me to journal details about the photographs and spend some time trying to make it look nice. So after spending some hours doing some research I decided upon a Grant Studio Grace Taylor Scrapbook which I purchased from Hobby Craft along with some page protectors and some 12x12 scrapbook paper pads.

This scrapbook allowed me to make my own 12x12 inch pages which allowed me to put in the photographs I wanted, as well as any ticket stubs and flayers to any of the places I'd visited or thing's I done/show's I'd seen ect.. .Most importantly it allowed me space to journal about where the photographs were taken, who was there, what we did, if we enjoyed the day ect... and I absolutely loved it!

In 2014, I decided that it was time for a change as I began to hate how long it was taking to create the 12x12 page spread's and I always felt so far behind with the amount of photographs I wanted to put into my scrapbook album, as it would take me around 4 hours to create a double page spread and as time went on my spreads became less nice to look at and became more rushed ending up with an un decorated pages with a few photo's, some typed journaling which could then be cut out and stuck down and that was it...

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to go with a pocket scrapbooking system called "project life" and I've never looked back, it's so quick, simple and easy to do and there's so many different size and layout options, which I will go into in more depth in a future blog post!

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