Surviving My First Time: At The Gym

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The whole message behind today's blog is " if I can do it, so can you" (so inspiring, I know) but seriously hear me out...

Until 2016 I had never in my life stepped foot into a gym and the thought of going so, absolutely terrified me!The last time I did any form of "regular excersice" was back in 2006\2007 in my last year's of school when I had to partake in PE (Physical Education) once a week. Although, there has been sporadic moments over the years where I've thought "I'm going to start excersicing" and picked myself an excessive DVD up that would only last a week topps - as I would soon realised I was too unfit and got too out of breath to do them, which would then end up in me giving up on the idea.

However after turning 25 I decided that it's now or never and I really need to get into shape before I hit the dreaded 30's! So, I bit the bullet and decided to go for a tour around a new gym that had just opened nearby. I had a quick tour of the gym and it's facilities. Then I was given all the information about membership and classes ect and then I left. I was still determined that i wanted to exercise as get into great shape but i still had my fears about joining the gym... I had it in my head that;

The gym would be full of super fit and musclely people who would immediately be able to tell  that I didn't "belong" in the gym by the way I look. I was also afraid that everyone would be looking at me and judging me, well aware that I was a "noobie" and don't know what I'm doing or how to use the equipment propperly. I was also terrified of looking incredibly unfit, sweating and being out of breath in the treadmill whilst the person next to me is running with complete ease and not even breaking a sweat. 

Basically all my fears were that of trepidation, I was afraid of look out of place and that people would be judging me by my appearance and my fitness level - or should I say lack of fitness!! And with these thoughts in my mind it took me a couple of month to finally push the thoughts aside and become a member of team gym, but eventually i did!

There are muscle men making the odd grunting noise,  dropping weights on the floor and looking very intense with their facial expressions. There are women in fantastic shape. Their hair looks great, even if they did just throw it up in a ponytail, and they seem to know what they are doing. It can all be very overwhelming!

Now here you are - new to the gym, lost and not quite sure what each machine does.


 When you join a gym, you will first have to have an induction where a PT (personal Trainer) will ask you what kind things you would like to do at the gym and they will then show you the ropes accordingly as well as filling you in on any health and safety points. Once you have been made familiar with the equipment you will have free rein use of the gym - however they are always members of staff in hand should you need any assistance at any time or wish to book in with a OF for personal training sessions.

 Here’s the truth: everybody else  in the gym is also self-conscious of how they look, and the honest truth is they’re wayyyy too concerned with how they look in a mirror to even notice you!

That dude who is super jacked? He’s looking in the mirror wondering why he’s not as big as that other guy. That woman on the treadmill? She wishes she was confident enough to go to the free weights section!That guy running sprints? He’s praying the girl next to him won’t notice the sweat pool forming in the back of his shirt! And that woman? She’s self conscious too!!

So seriously, if you want to join a gym but have been putting it off, cause like me, you've been too afraid. Please don't put it off any longer! I promise you it really isn't that bad! It may seem a little strange at first whilst you adjust to the routine of actually attending the gym, but I promise you after a few weeks it will feel like you've always done it and you will feel like you belong in the gym!!

  As i said at the beginning, if I can do it, you can too!! 

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