About Me

Dainty Bailey was first established in May 2015, as a creative outlet to express my thoughts and opinions on; beauty, helath & fitness and everything in between! With the hopes of using my blog as an opertunity to meet new people and create new friendships along the way. 

In 2017, I decided it was time for a change and I slowly started working on re-launching my blog as I no longer felt passionate or enjoyed what I was blogging about, during this time my Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Depression started to worsen and as they year went on, my mental health got a lot worse. 

In early 2018, I was diagnosed with Obssesive-Compulisive-Disorder alongside my Generalised Anxiety Disorder and I spent the first four months of the year struggling to cope. Whilst struggling to cope I started doing research into OCD and also Searching online for any OCD/Mental Health bloggers. Sadly, I came to find that there wasn't much information about OCD or Mental Helath online and I didn't find anyone who really blogged about their struggles, battles and triumphs! 

So I decided to completely delete all of my old content and finally re-launch my blog as a Mental Health Blog. My main aim for my blog is to break the stigmas surrounding Mental Health as well as raising awarness. I also hope that my words offer comfort and support to those in a similar situation to myself and offer as much support and advice as I can!